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PalletBot – Collaborative Palletizing Robot

PalletBot is a robotic automation solution designed to stack cartons into a pallet configuration

Bigger & Better Collaborative Robot Palletizer
PalletBot is based on the new Yaskawa HC20 Robot with industry leading specifications.A payload of 20 kg (40 lbs.) and reach of 1700 mm (66 in.) enables PalletBot to load two standard 48″x 48″ pallets to a 60″ height with no special tooling or lifting height.

PalletLogix PLC
PalletBot is supplied as standard with an Allen-Bradley PalletLogix PLC and operator interface HMI for easy configuration of pallet stacking patterns.

3D Vision Depalletization
PalletBot is available with 3D vision technology for depalletization of uniform and mixed cartons.


Building Materials, Consumer Products, Converting, Plastics

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