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PalletBot – Collaborative Palletizing Robot

Bigger & Better Collaborative Robot Palletizer
PalletBot is based on the new Yaskawa HC20 Robot with industry leading specifications.A payload of 20 kg (40 lbs.) and reach of 1700 mm (66 in.) enables PalletBot to load two standard 48″x 48″ pallets to a 60″ height with no special tooling or lifting height.

iLifter 2.0

The iLifter 2.0 is a standard electric forklift developed to an AGV, it can be operated manually at any time. Using an integrated 360 degree laser scanner, the forklift orients itself to existing room structures for navigation.

iShuttle 1.0

The iShuttle is an autonomous robot shuttle designed for a wide variety of transport tasks with payloads up to 1500 kg/3300 lbs. It is available with a lifting deck or conveyor belt for pallet transfer.

iShuttle 5.0

The iShuttle is an autonomous robot shuttle for transport tasks requiring heavy payloads up to 4400 kg / 9700 lbs. The iShuttle 5.0 is a low profile design intended for roll handling of paper or plastic.

GoBot – Mobile Collaborative Robot

MCR…Mobile Collaborative Robot
GoBot is a logistics automation solution combining AGV mobility with a Robot. The design is based on the new Yaskawa HC20 Collaborative Robot with the new iShuttle AGV from BHS Intralogistics.

PackBot – Pick & Pack Robot Solution

Pick & Pack
PackBot is a robotic automation solution designed to pick items randomly presented on a conveyor and pack them into a stack or container with high accuracy and consistency using advanced vision technology.

PickBot – Bin Pick Robot

PickBot is offered as a comprehensive integrated solution including: Robot, 3D Vision Camera, Support Frame, Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI, Safety Light Curtain, Machine Guarding and System Programming. PickBot is ready to work on day one.

PlaceBot – Sheet Feed Robot Solution

Pick / Present / Place
PlaceBot is a robotic automation solution designed to pick sheets of material from a pallet or conveyor; present them to a vision system: and place them with high accuracy and consistency.